Let go..See life💪


Lets say your the average person,you have things going in life just like the next.but you feel like what your going through is alot for YOU or it’s to much for YOU to handle.😕

You may think peoples reaction to your issues once expressed to others is lacked of emotions or not really relatable or important enough that you should stress over, but YOU KNOW and FEEL what you going through is just to much for YOU to handle.

Step out get a breath of fresh air go have a little me time . Try to understand what makes you feel how you feel dont throw in things you know you can over come just. Factor in things that really affects you mentally things that stops you physically. Once those things are put on plate DON’T”I REAPEAT”!!!!DO NOT. keep it held in your mind will make you really feel like you have no one to express or vent to. Honestly the last person you will think of is the first person you should think of , that may sounds confusing but its not its simple as we never want to go to the people close to being that they know us they have known us for a huge amount of time and we as humans are our biggest critics so we think if the people close to us know what we feeling mentally that they go talking or they’ll look at you differently. 😕

Let go of that let go of being a critic of yourself in a negative view open up about your inner feelings before it takes over you completely. Once you talk about it you’ll hear from your mouth what you need to do or how serious it really is to you. 💪

You also need to find a different path other than walking the same roads that took you there from the start.

You’ll start to see things so much different if you just understand your issues ,vent,accept,strengthen and defeat your issues. And always remember somebody needs somebody.